Friday, December 11, 2009


Weeks ago I mentioned how I was not interested in dating the "part-time drag queen" Latino guy, "Pablo" as I named him. Well, we're still seeing each other, albeit on a fairly limited basis, as his school/work schedule is kicking his ass.

At the time, I decided I didn't want to date him, but over the last few weeks, he's proven to be such a nice and sweet guy. Case in point, he came over last night and presented me with an early Christmas present: an Aveda skin care gift set along with a $20 gift certificate to use at a salon (next haircut will not cost $7 and/or be performed by a Jordanian man).

Pretty neat! I was taken aback, as no other guy I dated really ever gave me a "real" present (except a b/j or buying me drinks, or dinner). He's so fun to cuddle with too; last night we laid in bed and watched an episode of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" and proceeded to get down! I even smoked a cigarette in my bedroom after we cleaned up (which I NEVER do).

I slept like a baby, which sucked when his alarm went off at 7AM, stealing from me not only his embrace, but the most awesome dream I ever had - which of course eludes me at this moment. Still, waking up in such a good mood was a seriously awesome feeling.

Sigh. So life isn't so shitty after all! And we have a movie date planned for Sunday afternoon. WOOT!


jason said...

woot indeed!
He sounds adorable.

Dean Grey said...

How nice of him, Justin!

The good news is you have more options for gifts to give him. Men's or women's clothes will work just fine.



drew said...

Sounds great. Just enjoy it..

M&M said...

aww how cute, I love that feeling of knowing someone is thinking of you!

Aaron said...

i'm glad u're getting some action while i'm feeling alone and lonely, and sorry for myself over at this end! :) nah, i'm not that bad. :) i'm *very* happy for you!!