Thursday, December 10, 2009


This isn't the first time I've referenced my Big Ass Boots on here, although since I'm a lazy bitch I won't bother with backtracking and finding the prior post links. So, it's officially FUCKING WINTER in Chicago all of a sudden. This isn't a surprise, as it's that time of year, but really, when it's in the upper 30's, and falls to 4 degrees the next day, well, it's a bit of a shock.

Those boots are anything but pretty, however I equate them with how women must feel when rocking their best-est pair of high heels. When I strap these on, I'm suddenly 2 inches taller and feel practically invincible. With the combination of the steel toe/heel, I could totally shatter someone's knee caps if I needed to. These aren't merely shoes, they are FUCKING WEAPONS!

Unfortunately, they're about as comfortable as they look. Which is not much. At all. Still, these boys will allow me to traverse the treacherous terrain (alliteration alert!) that is a Chicago Winter. And to add to my winter arsenal, I'm taking a voyage to a work clothes type store on the near west side of the city, to get outfitted with a proper insulated hat, a plethora of wool socks and perhaps some long johns. TODAY.

This certainly isn't my "first rodeo", but this will be my first winter without benefit of a's gonna pretty much blow.


dan said...

wool socks! a must. hopefully you can find a good wool hat as well. I'd mention scarves but somehow I don't see that detail going with those awesome rugged boots. ha
no car. oh my, I'm actually typing this after running outside to start up my pickup before heading out to the before lunch gym stop.
Justin, you'll have a blast in NYC.
also have fun shopping, seriously with the recession everything out there is almost half off of half off. ha

ex-roomie said...

No need to post this comment, but I can tell you from experience that the place you're going to is overpriced. Try Sears first, or get your ass to a Walmart. Also, usually army surplus has the warmest long underwear ever made. Anyways, hope you found something.


a connoisseur of work clothes...

drew said...

I thought you were going to be able to drive your friends SUV some?

JUSTIN said...

@Dan: Meh, kinda not too excited about NYC to be honest. It's such a hassle and I'm kinda done with people telling me FUCKING AWESOME it is.

@Ex-Roomie: I love, Love, LOVE my new Dickie's coat. Winter can fuck right off.

@Drew: Yes, I have use of my friend's car some, but not all of the time, which necessitates some serious winter gear for long walks/bus waits.

Anonymous said...

Justin, you might not thinking they're pretty, and they do look uncomfortable, but I'm sorry to say I think those boots are fucking sexy.

I must have some kind of boot fetish or something because whenever I see a nice-looking, well-dressed man in boots like these I feel like humping him right then and there (it's quite inconvenient, really).

In other news, weather-wise today was a a slap in the face from Chicago to its dear citizens, wouldn't you agree?

Stay warm!

x's and o's,

A-Gay in Chi

Stephen Chapman... said...

What do you mean they aren't pretty - I think they look cool!

Dean Grey said...

It's been so cold here in Chicago lately, Justin!

I think you are wise and preparing for the inevitable!

Stay warm, if you can!


M&M said...

Wow I am kind of afraid to go to Chicago for the Lady GaGa Concert now...I'm from Texas and not used to super cold weather ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!