Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Years ago I was really into snobby beers; I thought La Fin du Monde was the fucking pinnacle of awesome beer. Short story: on my 23rd birthday I drank 2 of those bombers (22oz bottles) along with at least 6 shots of Jameson. Needless to say, I spent the better part of the night apologizing to the bus boy/bar back for throwing up on the bathroom door (not floor).

But that's neither here nor there. So, my new bar gig, is to be a Bar Back at a "high-end" bar, serving insanely expensive beer to Yuppies. Today was the first official day of training, and the owners gathered the crew of us, 15+ strong to sample over 25 (or was it 30?) of their specialty beers. At 11:30AM.

Even with just finger or two of each selection, we all got pretty really/certainly/buzzed. I didn't know almost anyone of my future co-workers, but after the 12th round of "sampling", tensions eased along with my natural inclination to be shy around others I'm not familiar with. Mind you, I did not get drunk, just buzzed.

Anyways, I thought it might be funny to share the description of the MOST AMAZING BEER I'VE EVER DRANK. I'm using my study guide here (and yes, I actually have to study)..."Lost Abbey-Gift of the Magi" (Belgian-style Golden Ale)-9.5%, 750ml, $30:

Begins with a barnyard pungency noted in the nose, but quickly moves towards a rich, even bready caramel and dried apple note. Spice bread and more grassy hops come up, lightly bitter. Brewed with Frankincense & Myrth.

Like, are you fucking kidding me? If Jesus himself wanted a cold one in Chicago, he'd totally come to this new bar. I mean, I'm a Bar Back, but I need to know this shit, as there are over 100 bottles of beers (most of them seasonal or in small batches) to stock! I'm not saying this is going to be a hard job, just much, much more involved than I had previously envisioned.

It's all good though, I'm pretty stoked.

PS - The term "mouthfeel" freaks me out and was tossed around way too liberally today.


Dean Grey said...

Studying for work sucks!!!

I hope this new job works out for you, Justin!


Anonymous said...

sounds like it will be an interesting gig. i take it you are postponing the move ? :)

jay (cashyguy)

Stephen Chapman... said...

Isn't it great to investigate new beers!?

The choice in France and Belgium is massive!

Dean Grey said...

One more thing, Justin!

Isn't it funny that the beer's description sounds almost exactly like how a cologne fragrance is described!

Makes you think about what you're ingesting, now doesn't it?


JUSTIN said...

@Dean: It's the kind of studying I don't mind.

@Jay: Looks like it, also it's a solid backup.

@Stephen: Yes, it's amazing that the entire population of Belgium alone is less than that of the Chicago area, and yet they have over 2,000 independent brewers!