Friday, November 20, 2009


Yeah, a 1992 Chevy S-10 Blazer is my new whip, although the term "hooptie" comes to mind. It's actually battleship grey, with HUGE gaping rust holes and an exhaust, or lack thereof that announces my eventual arrival within a 6 block radius.

And guess what? It's FUCKING DYNO-MITE! So the deal is, I'm paying my buddy (it's really his ride) the equivalent of what I would pay to use public transportation to get back/forth on the weekends. It's SO much faster.

Added bonus: not having to nervously wait for untold periods of time on a street corner near a not-so-good area at 4AM/avoiding being beaten, robbed, shot and/or stabbed (as a side note - 2 people in my neighborhood have been murdered leaving their bar jobs late at night, and my 'hood is considered one of the safest).

And get this: it's somewhat of a pussy magnet. Seriously. Last weekend I was driving to work, stuck at a stoplight in Lakeview, and these 2 girls totally hit on me, like, 3 times. Like what? Who is attracted to scrawny white guys smoking and listening to R.L. Burnside in a rusty Chevy truck?

Move along ladies! Maybe some cute boys will dig it. Probably not.

PS - It's SO much better than my future sister-in-law's Saturn.

PPS - It's mechanically similar to my awesomely trashy "dream car".

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Dean Grey said...


I think this is very wise!

By "renting" your friend's ride you're able to commute when you need to but without the responsibility of maintenance and upkeep of having a vehicle since it's not really yours.

Just don't get into an accident, you dummy!