Friday, October 30, 2009


This was the first thought that bubbled to the surface of my brain when I awoke this morning, and since it bears repeating, let's review: I REALLY WANT A 1993 GMC TYPHOON! I totally forgot about the still present hard-on I seem to harbor for this vehicle.

For those that don't know, allow me to dish some specs:

-4.3 Liter Turbo V6
-280+ HP/360+ lb. ft. of torque
-0-60MPH in 5 seconds flat

Even by today's standards that's fucking fast as shit. 16 years ago, it was positively mind blowing, especially in light of the fact that this was capable of a modified GMC Jimmy, (a very humble vehicle).

Somewhere/someone trolling in relative obscurity at General Motors thought, "hey, what can fascinate adolescent boys who like to draw pictures of cars named Justin"? Oh yes! Let's rock the shit out of a mediocre SUV, so that it can run against a Ferrari 348 and win! I would NOT be surprised if a 14 year old boy actually designed this thing.

Even before I obtained a driver's licence, I would see one particular example of this rare bad-ass ride parked within the 'hood I lived in at the time (BG in the hizz-ous!) and upon approach, I would actually ask my Mom or Dad (whoever was driving) to slow down so I could fog up the windows.

It was and still is a ridiculous answer to a fucked-up question no one ever asked. And I want one. Like 5 minutes ago. DANG!

PS - Yeah, I just said "dang". Out loud. And no one else is around. So what? Who cares?


Cockbag LLC said...

That was one dope ride (yes I did just say dope). My neighbor across the street owned a GMC dealership and their high school daughter got a new loaded Jimmy like every 6 months. I on the other hand drove a Ford Escort LX 2 door for 7 1/2 years. I also forgot about that ride. I think they had a pickup truck version too and don't forget the Ford F150 Lightning.

S J D said...

LOL at that Buffalo Grove shit. La Grange is still where it is [wants to be] at, no matter how much I complain.

Dean Grey said...

My lack of automobile knowledge is forcing me to ask a seemingly silly question.

Hasn't GMC created something better since 1993?

Certainly they must've taken the best features from your "boyhood crush" and installed them into a newer vehicle. Right?

Oh, and I may know shit about cars but your enthusiastic writing for this particular one kept me interested! Great job, Justin!