Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Until last November I had been working out consistently for about 2 years. Mind you, that is not to imply that I am gym rat (my body would attest that) but I loved that post-workout feeling when the endorphins are being released (or whatever it is they do). 

So it was with a heavy heart that I had to put my gym membership on "hold" to save money. When you are forced to live on 46% of what you were making before, it's tough to justify spending $70/month to work out. 

Anyways, I got a call from the gym yesterday saying that the "hold" on my account had expired, and when they tried to process a payment, it got rejected. Fuck. So today I went to the gym and spoke with a manager. 

She explained that I had to pay the $20 "bounce check" fee and then asked if I wanted to put the account back on hold. I said I did since I couldn't afford $70/month. "Well what could you afford?" she asked me. Before I could even answer she said "What about $35/month?" to which I quickly replied that that would be doable. 

Finally I can go back to working out on semi-daily basis! Hooray! With a little hard work this extra winter (er, PBR) fat will fuck right off and all the boys will be drooling over me (or at least I won't be sucking in my gut when I wear skinny jeans). 

PS - I was also pleased to discover that hot gay guys are still in abundance at my gym. In a span of 10 minutes I spotted at least 6 guys that I would go all buck nasty on. WOOT!


dan said...

get thee to the gym, here here.
for the view alone, not to mention I'm sure they're all ready to meet hot tattooed studs like you. go, get! ha
btw, like the music feature you added. nothing like sharing tunes. ahhhh blogs, you've come a long way baby.

Dane said...

I'm so happy that you go to the gym! I wish I could get motivated (and/or have time) to go.

The view has got to be great cause the Chi-boys are HOT!

Thanks for the comment too!!

S J D said...

that iTalk will be in my life so soon I can't quite handle it. I'm drooling over the possibilities

JUSTIN said...

Thanks guys! I'm so sore right now but I'm forcing myself to go back today!