Thursday, March 12, 2009


According to this article in today's Trib, the Sears Tower has ceased to be, and will now be known as the Willis Tower. Um, I don't fucking think so. That's like renaming Soldier's Field. I am officially OUT-RAGED!

Now, you might very well be thinking "...jesus, this guy has lost his damn mind..." and you'd be right but not because of this reason. A little history is perhaps in order. I have this...relationship with the Sear's Tower. 

It might sound retarded, and probably is, but I think of the Sears Tower as a sort of architectural Guardian Angel. Because it's visible from almost anywhere in the city, it has a very comforting presence, like it's got my back and shit. I use it as navagational device and it's also the first thing I see when approaching the runway at O'Hare. It's just...important to me. SO FUCK YOU WILLIS INSURANCE COMPANY for fucking with my head. I refuse, REFUSE to refer to it as anything but what's always been called. 

NOTE - that sweet picture is not mine, and I can't find the artist's name. Shucks. 


dan said...

yeah I hate when they re name stuff just for the money, and seriously nothing's sacred when it comes to $$.

Dean Grey said...

This is rather depressing news and unfortunately it sounds like it's going to happen.

I suppose Willis incorporating the building's original name into theirs wouldn't work. "Willis Insurance Company's Sears Tower" does sound a bit wordy, no?

It's sad when major corporations can't be a bit more sensitive when it comes to these things. I always think of "Sears Tower" being synonymous with Chicago.

But this isn't the first name change here in the Windy City. Remember all the talk of people boycotting Macy's when it took over Marshall Field's?

Well Macy's is still here and to be honest I'm starting to forget about Marshall Field's and what it was like.

Maybe it's just the way things are. Chicago's a HUGE city and huge cities don't stay the same forever.

Still sad to see it change though.