Saturday, August 18, 2007


Yesterday Roomie mentioned that she really wanted to go to H & M in the Loop to buy some new clothes for a wedding she is going to tonight. I also wanted to go and pick some new work clothes so I agreed to go, but not without a modicum of trepidation. The reason? JT-Lite works there.

Of course had he ever bothered to "hit me up" I likely would have given him another chance, but since he never did I worried that if I saw him, he might think I'm stalking him. Then I thought that I'm not about to change where I go to shop but because he's a flake. Why should I fret about making him uncomfortable, right? Right.

Roomie and I enter the store and like most woman are prone to do, she immediately wanders off, saying she will meet me in the Men's section in a few minutes. While riding the escalator down to the basement I note a cute gay couple in front of my me and think to myself how fun it would be to go shopping for clothes with a boyfriend (so gay, right?).

Whatever, I make a beeline for the dress clothes sub-section of the Men's department and see some pants I like. After grabbing a few pairs to try on I'm perusing the other goods when who do I see? Yup. It's him. And if that wasn't enough he's wearing the same fucking t-shirt he wore on our last date. Thank you Universe! I really needed to be taunted on top of already feeling uncomfortable.

At this point I don't think he noticed me so I head to the dressing rooms to try on clothes. Get this, I'm in the dressing room, having just removed my jeans and I can hear his voice outside the door talking to a co-worker. Argh! I shake it off and think "hey, these pants fit really well, I think I'll buy these". I exit the dressing room and find my Roomie looking at a rack of tops.

Roomie: (noticing the look of anguish on my face) "You saw him, didn't you?"
Me: "Yep, in fact, I'm almost sure he's looking at us as we speak"
Roomie: "Did he say hello or anything?"
Me: "Nope"
Roomie: "What an asshole"

While she busied herself looking at more clothes I returned to looking more for myself. I was determined to mind my own business and just focus on finding some decent cheap shit when he appeared no less than 2 feet to my right. He was on a walkie talkie doing a price check or something. Hearing his voice again caused me to look up. He brushed right past me, as if I didn't even exist.

I'm not sure what I expected for him to do/say. Of course I could have stopped him or something but that would seem odd and out of character. He obviously didn't want anything to do with me and I wasn't going to attempt to change his mind. But still, this guy slept naked in my bed and it seemed really cold to be brushed aside so casually. What a dick.

Since I wanted nothing more than to just crawl into a hole I gathered the shit I wanted to buy and went to the upstairs register, paid up, and walked outside. The Roomie found me outside a few minutes later chilling on the sidewalk and inhaling a Camel. She repeated her earlier statement that he was an asshole, to which I agreed. But still, it hurt, I won't lie.

At the least, I succeeded in my goal for going there; I bought some nice gray cord jeans and a royal blue button up which fits really well, both for $37 and change. Not bad.

Roomie wanted to hit up another store across the street. Because it was a woman's only clothing store, and since I wanted to be alone I went off to wander around on my own and took some pictures (I'm so excited to have my camera back). I'll post a few after I can fix some format issues.


jay said...

He REALLY is an asshole to not even say hello. People like that just aren't worth it. I know it hurt as it would anyone but what goes around comes around.

Don't fret, you'll find someone worthy soon.

Closeted said...

Calling him an asshole is a complement, he's worst than that, you don't need to waste your time and energy with people like him.

K said...

One word: Karma. It happends....and when it does, its a bitch. Dont worry about that bitch.

Soul Seared Dreamer said...

I'm with roomie on this one - WHAT AN ASSHOLE... or to be proper British... WHAT AN ARSEHOLE.

Yeah I can totally imagine how harsh that must have been for you... chin up... karma sent a hot latino guy to you to make up for it.

Silly Billy said...

Justin, dude, that SUCKS big time. JT-lite is not just an asshole is a fucking deutschebag.

And I agree with SSD - karma did send you the hot latino guy for a reason. Just remember that. ;)

Silly Billy said...

Oh, and excuse my misspelling of douche bag. I had yet to have my coffee.

dan said...

In those situations, I find it best to just say, hey, and move on like its nothing... but then again the first run-in is always hard to deal. we have no HM in OKC, btw. ha.