Friday, August 17, 2007


Last weekend's sexual conquest shared many elements with some of my other experiences from this summer, specifically beer, shooting pool, lesbians and the "Are you gay?" question. Of course there are always other, unique and defining elements. With the Columbian Architect, it was his sexy accent. With Crew Guy it was his Crew Uni that he modeled for me (that was so fucking hot). With JT-Lite it was his beard and cute hairy chest. And with the Puerto Rican Construction worker from last weekend, it was his cornrows.

Market Days really wasn't all that. On Saturday afternoon I braved the staggering heat and made my way down to Boystown. Market Days, for those not in the know, is a weekend towards the end of the Summer when the city ropes off a six block corridor of Boystown and let's the Gays go wild, which they certainly did last weekend. Immediatly upon entering the festival I noted a multitude of drunk, shirtless and sweaty men. It's almost like the interior of a gay dance club, but outside in the sun.

My intention was to meet my favorite lesbian couple and their friends, and to meet up with a few other friends. The place was packed shoulder to shoulder around each of the six stages, which made it difficult to find anyone. Finally I found Dee and his friend and I suggested we hit up a bar to escape the heat (it was really HOT) and since we were standing in front of Sidetrack we went there. We flashed our ID's and walked into a bar that was even more crowded than the street.

We ended up on the rooftop deck (which was probably even hotter than the street below) and sat down in the shade. Initially my senses were in overdrive. There were hotties EVERYWHERE and I noted how every guy seemed to have wide, hungry looking eyes. It was like being on a safari, but with gay men substituted for animals. We started talking to bunch of guys, one of whom I found very much to my liking, a really tall frat boy/gay guy hybrid of a man with piercing blue eyes.

But the heat, coupled with the fact that he was coupled precluded anything serious, and we made our way downstairs to cool off in the A/C. Have I ever blogged about my strong dislike of show tunes? Fuck, they drive my crazy and in the main bar area they were blaring them and most of the guys were shouting the lyrics back at the televisions. We circled the packed bar in another room (this place is huge) which was kinda fun because rather than saying excuse me when bumping into someone, the standard response was "heeey cutie" or something to that effect.

Eventually we left to meet my awesome cool lesbian friends and walked around in the sticky humidity and the drunk crowds of guys. The music emanating from the stages was not really my thing and eventually, after an hour or so we all decided to take off and find a less crowded bar. My new friend CP (sup' dude!) and I got separated from everyone else but we went to bar anyways, sat down (man that felt good) and ordered beers. Eventually everyone else found their way there too, but CP had to go (no worries man!).

While chatting with my friends at the bar I noticed an odd sight: a tall, Latino with almost gold skin, a goatee and long cornrows wearing baggy jeans and a huge t-shirt. Normally this is not my type but this guy was smokin' hot. I turned to my friend and asked her is this guy was really hot or if I might be suffering from heat stroke. Thankfully it was the former rather than the latter. Since I was NOT looking I returned my attention to the TV and conversation with friends.

At one point I got up to use the bathroom and when I walked back to the bar the guy with the Cornrows locked eyes with me and approached me when I was near the pool tables.

Hot Guy: "Hey man"
Me: "Hey, what's up?"
Hot Guy: "You wanna shoot a game of stick?"
Me: (can't believe my luck) "Sure, uh, let me, uh, get some quarters"

He racked and I grabbed a stick, he told me to break and I did, a nice, solid pop of a shoot but nothing dropped. We agreed to play for a beer, and got to talking. He was seemed like a really cool guy and not at all what I thought he would be like when I first saw him. In the middle of the game, a guy in his 40's wearing short, short cut off jeans shorts announced he was going to play the winner. Despite my best efforts, I lost.

Hot Guy: "Nice game man"
Me: "you too, whatcha drinkin'?"
Hot Guy: "whatever, I don't care"

I figured most people like Heineken, bought one, handed it to him and let him play Jean Cut Off Man. Sitting back down with my friends I thought nothing of what just happened. Although we were in a gay bar, he certainly did not seem gay, and since I was NOT looking I let it be. About 15 minutes later Hot Guy taps on my shoulder and asks if I want to play again. I didn't want to be rude to my friends but they said it was cool.

We played 3 more games, 2 of which I won (yay! free beer). I noticed Jean Cut Off Man was glaring at me, arms crossed from across the room. When I said this to Marco (we finally formally introduced ourselves) and he told me that Jean Cut Off Man was trying to get him to come home with him and kept telling him that he had a 9 inch cock. Marco said he would never go home with a guy like that. This prompted the following conversation:

Marco: "Hey man, can I ask you something?"
Me: "sure, what's up?"
Marco: "are you, like, into guys?"
Me: "Yeah, I'm gay"
Marco: "oh, because, like I couldn't..."
Me: "Yeah, no worries man, this isn't the first time someone has asked me that...what about you? Are you gay?"
Marco: (pause that seemed to go on for too long) "I'd say I'm 75% into woman and 25% into guys"

Of course. We talked more, had another round and then he asked me:

Marco: "hey, you wanna go back to your place?"
Me: (no fucking way) "Uh, well, we could, that I guess"
Marco: "cool, let's get out of here"
Me: "one minute, I gotta talk to my friends"

I sought the consul of my friends and they just told me to be safe and not be too much of a slut. They told me to call them if they needed me and I promised to.

Moments later I found myself walking towards the train stop with this fucking stud. I repeated the following mantra in my head "I will not get my fuck on I will not get my fuck on".

On the train he asked me if I had ever fucked a girl before and when I said no the look on his face was priceless.

Marco: "You never fucked a girl?"
Me: "Nope, never"
Marco: "than how do you know if you're not straight"
Me: "dude, I just know, I never wanted to fuck a girl"
Marco: "well, maybe we should pick up a hot girl and have a threesome"
Me: (momentarily speech) ", that's OK, I think I'll stick with guys for now..."

I wondered what my neighbors would think if I ran into any of them then decided not too worry since the only opinion that truly matters is mine. About this time I thought that if we did hook up with was going to be a one time thing since I'm not about to date a guy that clearly was more into woman than guys. Whatever. We picked up some beer at the corner store and went to my place.

I couldn't believe this guy was in my place. What is this stud doing here? I showed him around and we decided to watch a movie. He picked "The Bourne Ultimatum" and we sat down on my comfy couch. During the movie we leaned into one another and briefly kissed but then he pulled away and said he doesn't like kissing guys, so I settled on his neck, and he voiced his pleasure. I laid back and returned y attention to the movie and I noticed he reached in his jeans and adjusted himself. Damn.

Not quite sure how but we ended up back in my room and quickly got undressed. Now I know what you might be thinking, but we didn't fuck. Yet. After some fun he announced he was hungry and walked into the kitchen, stark naked. I followed behind and drooled at the site of his awesome body. When he told me earlier in the night that he worked in construction I wondered what he looked like without his baggy clothes on. Well, now I knew and it was enough to make my heart beat faster.

After he ate a microwaved burrito w drank more beer, had cig and then my phone rang; it was my brother's girlfriend. While I was talking to her Marco grinned and came around behind me and started rubbing his cock against my backside. Needless to say, I sounded like Peter Brady to my brother's girlfriend.

We ended up back in my and were kissing each other all over (his pecs were so hot!) when I made the mistake of touching his hair.

Marco: "Don't touch the rows man"
Me: "shit, sorry about that" (like I knew!)
Marco: "shit cost $50 to get braided"
Me: "really?"

More kissing ensued. After applying some lube I chucked the bottle on the floor but realized we used to much, as it was a bitch and a half putting a condom on. I went through 3 before we got it all good and I went to town. So much for my mantra.

We woke up around 11AM and took showers. I needed to get going to meet my brother and his girlfriend and my dad for brunch. Since he had lost his phone earlier last night before we met, I wrote down my number and told him to call if he felt like it. I didn't think he would, but you never know right?

Around 7:30PM he called. I picked him up and we came back to my place, drank beer and watched "The Departed". Great flick. Even better was when he would get all excited at the action scenes. I laid down and rested my feet in his lap and he rubbed them, and then his other hand would disappear inside his jeans. Damn!

We fooled around a bit afterwards but nothing major (no oral/anal) and feel asleep. It had been a long weekend and we were tired and I had had enough fun. Or so I thought. Around 4AM I o and lightly rubbed those x pecs which caused him to stir. He opened his eyes and said:

Marco: "Fuck me"
Me: "Huh?"
Marco: "Fuck me right now"
Me: (squinting at the clock) "It's 4AM"
Marco: "Put it in me, right now"

Who was I to say no?

With that he grabbed me and I my manhood went from zero to 60 in 20 seconds flat (OK, maybe not that fast, but it seemed like it). I fumbled around for a condom and soon after obeyed his orders. Goddamn. We fell back asleep but the alarm went off way too soon. While he was getting ready I was reading the news, which is when I discovered that Karl Rove announced he was going to resign. Fuck. Me. How awesome!

Well, that might have been the longest post I ever wrote. I know it might seem like bullshit or some wild fantasy I concocted in my head but really, I'm not that creative. I'm as surprised as anyone. I doubt I'll ever see Marco again since he mentioned he is moving to Florida soon. But that's OK. Last weekend was almost too much to deal with on a regular basis and while he's great, I don't think he's boyfriend material.

I swear I'm not always this much of a whore. I blame it all on the heat...


dan said...

sweet post......glad you had a nice weekend and 2 hot nights in a row, stud. . later.

K said...

You fucking stud.....I hate you! And that whole "put it in me right now" would make an amazing opening to a porn, if it hasnt been done already (at least me and Twin think so)

jay said...

Blame it on the heat....right. Even at 4am, no sane person would turn that down,

Soul Seared Dreamer said...

Yay, for Justin.

Good on ya man.

Keep it up... no pun intended - honest! ;o)

Anonymous said...

You are such a player! I need to get some pointers from ya because everyone knows I am sooo innocent but yet I worship cocks very well.

I won't be looking for Marco in Florida he seems not like my type. So no worries about me and perhaps K blogging about him.

Dee said...

Wow... I know we talked about this but after reading it it's even better. At least one of us got lucky at Market Days. Oh and the tall guy you're into he's out at the bars quite often let me know if you want to hang out with us again.

james said...

'Don't touch the rows, man'
ha! priceless.