Thursday, August 16, 2007


Ooooo, I am so excited! It was just announced that Michael Cera signed to play the film version of one of my favorite literary characters, Nick Twisp!!!

If you've never read a book called "Youth In Revolt", do yourself a favor, read that shit already. It's the funniest novel I have ever read and occupies a prominent spot on my bookshelf. I've always enjjoyed coming of age stories but so many of them are far too serious and this one is anything but.

Anywho, this book has been stuck in development hell for years. I remember when I was in film school one of our projects was to find books that we would want to be made into a movie and perform research on who owns the film rights. Since it's been a few years I forget who owned the rights at the time but now it's in the hands of Dimension films (Bob & Harvey Weinstein better not fuck this up).

The casting of the Nick Twisp role is so critical to it's success and I must say they made a fine choice. I'm so excited!

In other news, I have been working on a post from my slutty last weekend but for one reason or another it's taking forever to finish. I almost feel like it's been built up now and I have to put extra effort into it to. I'd work on it tonight, but the Roomie is due to return at any moment and we have lots of checking up and drinking to do.


jay said...

But it's now friday, this means that another potentially slutty weekend post will be coming. lol. You may soon get backed up.

Silly Billy said...

Its been so long, anything short of a sling, nipple clamps, and video will definitely be a let down.

dan said...

you were in film school?......
how cool. later.

Anonymous said...

I always thought you were the real Nick Twisp!