Tuesday, July 23, 2013


On my way to work today I received a text from my EX. We have been on decent terms, and it's been months since my relationship scars have had time to heal. The fact that he is moving away isn't new news, and I have had time to think or consider the implications. 

I am beyond happy for his opportunity. And it's not as if we would would ever get back together. 

And I'm happy...for him. 

But it's bittersweet for ME. I'll say it as plain as I can, it's another person I was or am close with that is moving away. And it makes me sad. Not depressed, but...

...CHICAGO just seems to be a weighing station for people. A friendly, yet diverse city for those that need to get the fuck out of wherever, almost a stepping stone. Not to be an "old salt", but I have seen it so many times. An there's nothing wrong with moving on. 

But I am a ROCK here. Quiet. Unassuming. Is it condescending to think I don't need to a take a similar journey from small town to big city? Or perhaps I have. 

Last night, someone, drunk, peeked at the tattoo of the Chicago flag on my left arm, and grudgingly accepted it. I almost hit this person on his drunk face. But I didn't. Because these days I feel calm. Boring, yes, but have no need to live the "high life". 

All I want is to live with dignity, patience, and maybe a measure of sobriety. 

PS - Bulgarian Beer is the TITS. 

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Knoxxy said...

Romance never is easy.