Thursday, June 20, 2013


2 weeks into my new job, and I'm feeling good. Although I have much to learn, I have gotten the hang of it fairly quick. It's totally different from my last job, in that I don't have to:

1: Change kegs (thank God)
2: Do dishes
3: Stock bottles
4: Work until 3 or 4am
5: Deal with a self controlling bitch boss that would watch my every move via security camera

Instead, I hang out in the kitchen and observe highly qualified chefs, and serve food to people that make more $ in a month than I would in a year, if not more. And I  got the tying the tie thing down, so much so that I tie other people's ties. 

It's not perfect; but I feel like I have elevated my job game. The first few shifts my voice was weak, in that I had to call out orders to people way more qualified than myself, but I found it (my FUCK YOU voice) and have successfully coordinated...

1: The Main Kitchen
2: In Room Dining
3: The Pastry Chef
4: The Raw Bar 
5: Shit Else

It hasn't been easy, and the money could turn out to be shit (doubtful), but so far it's been a trip, a GOOD one. It's been awhile since I've been this excited about work, and apparently it shows, in that my boss(s) trusts me to work alone, with little to no supervision. 

And when I'm done, I simply go home, avoiding bars and the temptation of stupid boys and the bars they frequent. Thus, my life as of now is quiet, simple and efficient. It's been awhile since I felt this way, but now that I do, it's the SHIT.  


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Mike said...

Glad to hear work is going well!!!