Friday, June 7, 2013


Tonight and tomorrow I will be working that rooftop gig, but that's it. I landed the MOTHER LOAD of a new job; not only will I'll be working in the best hotel in the city...but in the entire United States. And it's union gig. I can already hear the click of the register. How this happened is beyond me. Dumb luck I guess. 

On Tuesday I thought I was meeting with the GM of the restaurant, moments before I walked into this person's office, I was informed that it was the GM, of the entire hotel/operation. Somehow I kept it cool and didn't shit my pants. This gentleman was exactly that. Couldn't be nicer. 

So if you can't tell, I am REALLY excited. I have a lot to learn, and I'm sure I'll fuck up, but the challenge has engaged my brain. For the first time in 4+ years, I will enjoy medical insurance, HUGE deal. Not only that, I'll be a union employee, so yeah, pretty much got hooked up. 

Even though I'll be a glorified "busser" I'll be probably be the best paid and provided for in the entire city of Chicago. If it sounds like I am bragging, well, fuck it, I am. I earned this opportunity, and I got it without anyone referring me, or doing me a favor. Therefore, I am very proud.   

I have to rock the rooftop at the other hotel tonight and tomorrow, and then poof! I am gone. 


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Mind Of Mine said...

Congratulations. I am sure you will kick ass!

Anonymous said...

Great success and prosperity to you.
You deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. Just landed on your blog via the Sexual Escapades of a DC top. Finding a job these days is NOT easy -- so enjoy!!! So glad your mind is being once again engaged and challenged.