Thursday, May 23, 2013

Yesterday I was heading to the Loop area to see a movie with the EX when I got a text from a former co-worker, who currently tends bar at this swanky boutique hotel downtown. I actually interviewed there a few weeks ago but never heard back, so I figured it was a dead lead. 


He asked me to meet his boss last night, and after an interview that lasted no more than 5 minutes, he hired me...albeit on a trial basis. This is one of those trendy bars that are on the rooftop of a hotel, 16 floors up and overlooking the lake. It's beautiful. 

And...they don't serve draft beer! Which means no changing 150lb kegs. Whew. I am so fucking done with that shit. Plus, I am always wanted to work in a hotel for some reason. It's small, but super upscale (rooms go for $450+ a night) yet also casual. Almost a perfect balance. 

It could very easily not work out, but I am really excited, and surprisingly not nervous. Wish me luck!


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Congrats Justin,
Can't wait to hear tales from the roof.