Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Anyone that knows me knows that I am accident prone. Whether it's breaking my foot, crashing my (old) bike or getting hit by a car, shit just seems to happen to me. A friend suggested I see a fortune teller to see what's next...but I am more concerned with my most recent injury: my cracked head. 

Last Thursday I was walking home late at night from a friend's home, in the rain, when I attempted to avoid stepping into a pothole full of water...when the foot still in contact with the ground slipped and I went backwards, landing square on the back of my head. 

In shock but still conscious I gathered myself and - unable to find a cab - limped home, about a 2 mile walk. Once there I undressed and went to bed, sore, but thinking nothing much of it. Until the next morning that is, when I turned over and found my pillow covered in blood. 

And my hat. And my jacket. And even my toothbrush. Concerned I asked my roommate to take a look, whom, upon close inspection gasped and remarked that it looked like I had a "bloody pussy" on the rear of my head. Her words, not mine, but an apt description nonetheless. 

Resisting going to the doctor I went about my day, specifically cat sitting duty for a friend across town. On the bus I started feeling woozy, and I noticed that 12+ hours after my spill I was still bleeding. So I called my boss to explain what had happened and that perhaps it wouldn't "be a good idea to work to work tonight". 

Although pissed, she expressed shock that I was wandering around the city with a head injury, and upon her stern suggestion, I sought medical attention. Remember, I lack medical insurance, so I went to a walk-in clinic, actually 2, before I found the trendiest/hipster acute care clinic (not on purpose) in the city. 

After a battery of tests the duo of doctors determined I did not, thankfully have a concussion. Thank God; I've already had 2 and obviously don't need another. What I did need was 3 staples put into my head to close the wound. Surprisingly, it didn't hurt too much, but it was weird to have Radiohead playing in the background during that procedure. 

Did I mention I've also been battling a sinus infection for 2 weeks? And that last Thursday, when this all went down the temperature dropped 40 degrees within a 24 hour period? UGH. WORST WEEKEND EVER. I took off Friday but toughed it out on Saturday and Sunday, and still fulfilled my cat sitting duties. 

Yesterday, all I did was rest like God on the 7th day. But I am happy to report that I am feeling significantly better as I type this and should get through work tonight provided I ingest enough Advil and pop a muscle relaxer or 2 when I get home in the morning.  


I went down to Carbondale and all I got was a drunken Friday night and good times said...

After I finished throwing up from this entry (although it wasn't that graphic, my imagination is bored tonight and just kicked its hyperdrive up to 11) I have decided to craft a you-sized plastic bubble to live in for the rest of your accident-prone life. Nope, sssh, don't argue. I will make sure to install wifi, a glory hole, and a super straw to guzzle beer from.

Mind Of Mine said...

Geez louise. I told you about my flight down some stairs, so I totally feel your pain, literal and metaphorical.

Anonymous said...

how drunk were you?

JUSTIN said...

Surprisingly, I wasn't drunk, just clumsy.