Sunday, September 23, 2012


Lately Ex-Roomie and I have developed this thing, where we text each other words and/or phrases that inspire fits of laughter when we say them out loud - to ourselves, because they sound so impossibly ridiculous. This probably won't make sense, making fun of my (or her) latent accent, but here is a partial list of words that we have been trading this week. 

-Ohio Feeder Ramp
-Haymarket Riot
-O'Hare Airport
-Financial Adviser
-Notary Public
-Sanitary & Ship Canal
-W (Dub-a-U)
-Flank Steak

I don't know why people speak the way they do, but I am absolutely fascinated by regional accents, and it's funny how some can completely repel me, whereas others make me feel instantly comfortable. East coasters, especially those from Massachusetts, enrage me. But Arkansas? Love it. 


drew said...

Pretty boring life I guess.

ex-roomie said...

streets and sanitation!
Josea Sanders!

you mentioned 'bears' twice, which totally reminded me of this:,11535/

I prefer the counter point.

ex-roomie said...

oh. and tarmac.

ex-roomie said...

oh crap, you said tarmac already.

JUSTIN said...

Yes Drew, VERY boring. But I am satisfied with my boring life. Yet you comment on mine...hmm.

drew said...

At least you can write posts without foul language now!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

@Drew - do you have a blog or just an account? I'm curious about reading if you have one.