Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Although I do NOT consider myself a "tough guy" or a "bad ass" by any means, I do have an inherent predication to protect people I care about. Family, friends, co-workers...little old ladies crossing the street, I got their collective backs. I call this my "Latent Raging Mommy Gene". 

Case in point, a few weeks ago this Russiasn guy comes into to work and starts promptly being inappropriate, in that he was hitting on EVERY woman in the place, in particular the Bartender/My Boss. I was not fucking having it, but since A: I'm still on probation, and B: it's not my job to bounce creepers (anymore). 

Fast forward a week; a friend of mine was visiting from out of town and we decided to take advantage of my generous work discount on food and drinks. Everything was good until...CREEPER comes in. My mood immediately soured. I did not wish to interact with him, but he kept bothering my friend and I, and also, every woman in the bar. Again. 

I'm not a doctor of any sort, but that's some serious pathological behavior, even for a recent immigrant. Regardless, I was NOT having it. The general manager, aka. my boss thankfully intervened...twice, because, seriously, I probably would have gone to jail if I did what I was going to do. Which was to shove his arm behind his shoulders and push him out onto the cold sidewalk. 

Keep in mind, I abhor violence, not a fan, however I have in the past been trained to spot certain problematic individuals, who respond not to words, but to physical action. And this guy could have easily kicked my ass. But I didn't and still don't care. I'll throw myself in front of a fucking train if it means protecting people I care about.    

Said boss later thanked me, but also reiterated they don't want me to interfere in that way. A week later, guess who came back? Creeper. The Bartender he is in love with had to hide in the basement for 2 hours while my other boss attempted to reason with the guy, which was futile at best. And the police (which were called) were of no use. But I kept my distance. 

Hope I don't see him on the street. Because I don't know what I will do if I do. 


Mind Of Mine said...

As someone who has been in a lot of fights, always started by the other person, or in protecting others. I totally know how it feels when you see someone be that way. You are stuck in protect mode and you are equally parts, scared to fight and dying to rip their heads of.

drew said...

Nobody cares..

Anonymous said...


I know you're in there somewhere.

Have a great, safe NYE. Please stay away from ice, bicycles, emergency rooms and police.
May 2013 be better than 2012.

Take montrose with you and grab some pics as we sail into the new year.