Saturday, August 4, 2012


If you had unlimited funds coupled with the same imagination - where would you go? I only ask because not only are my "means" limited, but I have not left the city proper but twice in the last 6 months, and, well, I'm getting a little antsy. 

How lucky have I been to most of the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, and have a healthy obsession with California, as well as NYC; even been to 4 of the major capitols of Europe. And Chicago will never not offer additional exploratory opportunism. 

BUT - I really, really, want to go east. Seoul, Tokyo, Osaka (in particular), Vietnam, Bangkok even. And even though I am not a beach person (gross) I would LOVE to check out Sydney and Melbourne and anywhere between. 

I'd even settle for a camping trip to Wisconsin, or a road trip to Louisville (fuck that - New Orleans) - regardless of the place or desire, I have some serious Wanderlust shit going on. I even had a dream of going to Iceland last night - or worse - trying Paris again (gross x 10). 

Anywhere in South America works too, for me. 


Kelly said...

San Juan Puerto Rico...

Anonymous said...


Love all the places on your list. Some I've visited. All are mega expensive. Australia is heading into winter. Japan is for billionaires. Bangkok should be a trip with friends not by yourself.

Have you a considered Canada? Yep Blame Canada.
You would have a great time in Vancouver or Toronto. Montreal would do for a civilized and cheaper Paris?

Have a great time even if it's a trip to Lake Geneva!


JUSTIN said...

Um, I was born in Canada. Would love to return; never been to Montreal but would LOVE to.

Anonymous said...

You can do Japan cheaply - Osaka's fantastic too, so good call there. I'd also recommend Istanbul, Berlin, Bangkok (along with other Thai cities/places), Luang Prabang, or Beirut.