Sunday, August 5, 2012


"The city takes more than you can give, and more than you can take." 
-Some Guy

Yesterday the Roommate convinced me not only go the beach (not a beach person) but to bike there - now, I am not inherently lazy, but after almost being run over by a bus, and being run over by a car, I approach a journey with a modicum of trepidation.

But whatever, I agreed, threw on my trunks, grabbed my 85SPF sun block, a bath towel and...found my bike exactly as you see it below. At least the lock worked. Maybe I could have secured it better, but if someone really wants to take something, they will find a way. 

It's not the loss of property that bothers me. It's not like I had a hot ride or anything, in fact it was a piece of shit that I beat into the ground, especially the tires (good luck with that you fucking scum bug idiot thieves) that I got for free. 

But, it's just, man - why would you steal from someone who is obviously poor? I don't have a car, thankfully my broken foot has healed, and I do have a bus pass (yeah me) but I enjoyed riding around the city. I was and am proud of how much shit I could transport on my back with a decent set of wheels. 

I digress. The loss of another form of mobility is disheartening. What did not go through the mind (or minds) that stole from me is that they didn't realize it's not just a set a wheels, but a fucking set of wheels. It's a loss of freedom. And it will make my already difficult life more than it is. 

So - to whoever jacked my shit - GO FUCK YOURSELF

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