Sunday, August 19, 2012


As you can see, I went to the Air & Water show, an annual event that highlights the Great Inland Sea that is Lake Michigan. I haven't been in years, but due to my temporary unemployment status, I had the time to imbibe in my lust for all things that fly.

Not only was the weather PERFECT, my friend got us access to a balcony, 16 floors up, looking over the "little people" crowded around Lake Shore Drive. It was possibly the most fun I have had holding a camera and keeping my pants on in years. 

There were more impressive displays of military might, but I neglected to bring my long range zoom lens (stupid!) and I was content to simply watch it all with my naked eye, and busted ears. Those jets are crazy loud. And fucking amazing. 


Anonymous said...

I once lived in Chicago, but never got to go to the Air Show since my dad did'nt believe in traveling "downtown", using buses, or the subway.
I am happy that for the first time that my wife and I were one of the "little people" that you saw at the beach this year.
I brought my telephoto lens, but still needed a longer lens for some of the pics. :(
Had to get back to Chicago again after 6 years because I miss the Italian Beef Sandwiches :)

Anonymous said...

If I have a chance, I won't really miss this kind of event.