Saturday, August 11, 2012


In celebration of my recent major accomplishment, and new job I boldly had my head shaven. This is nothing new - used to do it all the time when I was younger, but as I've grown up (sorta) I reserved this practice for certain life changes, er, transitions. 

Perhaps it's not the best "look" but I don't worry about that. Last night, I was standing outside of a bookstore, on the street, waiting for my guy to finish up his networking, and this incredible breeze, or rather, wind rolled over my being. It felt good

Speaking of jobs, I might just very well have another one - I am doing a trial run at yet another bar/restaurant tonight, a place scarily similar to where I used to work. Not even nervous because I know I can school it, but hope I don't box myself into a corner. 

And besides, I need the money. 

And I can walk there from home. 

And it's fun. 

Above all else, this just feels right, right now. My hair will grow back (not to mention my eyebrows - they sprout like weeds) and eventually I will find my true place in the world. Got a pile of stuff to sort through, but in the meantime, pictures, music and sex will carry me through.


Patrick said...

That title is a bit misleading.

dan said...

wow man like shave shaved? eyebrows as well? whoah! :) hey man keep moving're sounding very up. good luck with the bar job. dan