Friday, March 23, 2012


It's complicated. He's in recovery, and I probably should be. I still drink, but not around him. These are the ground rules we have established. But I broke it the other night; not for a valid reason, or not not for a valid reason (more on that later)...but I didn't get drunk, and we had a good talk.

And then had amazing "horizontal" time together. And that's not bragging. We've been through a LOT together in our short time together. We are both facing tremendous challenges, albeit vastly different ones, and we continually butt (sp?) heads. But we always discuss them them honestly and openly.

In a way, I prefer the fact that our relationship isn't "perfect", I like that he's complicated, and I suppose I am too. It's a constant challenge. And we make we each other better because of it. Whether we can weather every storm, that is up to debate.

But at least we can talk it out, respect each other, and cuddle together like it's no ones business. There is (almost) no one I would rather be/deal with. The physical attraction is there, but the mental one exceeds that.

So. Yeah. I'm in L-O-V-E.


drew said...

Glad you have decided to continue posting. I like reading your posts so "fuck off" if you don't like that I like to read your posts!!! ;-) Hope you boyfriend is doing OK.

Steven said...

Wow 3 posts in 1 hour, amazing. Thanks for posting, I've missed you.