Friday, March 23, 2012


Recently I have taken a sincere liking to the bullshit that is Vitamin Water. It's delicious, and considering that I no longer do drugs (illegal) ones, it has it's place in my life. It's refreshing. And socially acceptable. No one on the Red Line/CTA looks at me cross as I chug one of these, after a long night of making sweet man-on-man love.

That all being said...I discovered that refilling said bottle with simple tap water not only has a similar effect, it tastes the fucking same. Not trying to be a consumer advocate, and I'm wondering of there is something in the plastic itself, but whatever. It's still fantastic. And I save $1.69 every time I commit to storing it in the fridge, and drinking every last stale bit of "vitamin" from that plastic.

It's like the new version of asbestos, only tastier.

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