Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Every month I tend to run out of certain necessities at about the same time; shampoo, body wash, tooth paste, mouth wash, etc, which was the case this week. I had to squeeze every last once out of every bottle I had because I'm not about to go in public smelling like a European (no offense).

Thankfully, this afternoon I was asked to work at my place of work, to serve many Europeans, that apparently do not share my personal hygiene philosophy, so they could watch a soccer (sorry - Football) match which resulted in me making enough enough money to buy the items listed above.

So...THANK YOU. And really, this is/was the first time I have ever seen a Barcelona team go scoreless, or made a shit load of money for the time I worked, it's even better, and I know they will rock the Euro Cup. At least I hope so, or at least string it out, seeing as I still need to make money to pay my rent.

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Patrick said...

Spanish soccer is a wonderful thing. For many reasons.