Friday, March 30, 2012


Today, I set out to get a pedicure. Never have I received one, and I promised myself I would get one after my broken left foot healed (which is mostly has). Anyways, on the way to local nail salon, I get a call from my friend, that our mutual friend is in the hospital.

Apparently, he got wasted on his birthday and started cutting himself. His girlfriend, thankfully she was there, called the paramedics. Had she not been...I don't even want to think about it. So I stopped in the local liquor store/bar and had a beer and a shot of whiskey (naturally).

Then on my way to the nail salon, a sign spinner for a tax agency dressed as the Statue of Liberty asks to buy a cigarette off me. As he struggled to find change under his dress, I decided I should just let him have one, free of charge.

After deciding I don't want to drop $28 for a woman to clean my feet, I was stopped by a nun, who asked for a dollar - something about working with cancer patients, and oh, apparently I look "really familiar" to her and that I should quit smoking.

Don't even get me started about the random man dressed in coveralls, and rocking a miner's lamp and was...hackey sacking.

What the shit is going on outside today? I'm afraid to leave my house, however I must as my boyfriend's dead friend's posthumous art retrospective is tonight.

So, yeah, fuck it, I'm having a beer, a little vodka and watching the episode of Skins where Sid's father dies (one of the best) and listening to Arcade Fire. The only way this situation could get MORE emo is to jerk off to Pete Wentz.

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