Sunday, January 8, 2012


Months ago I injured myself at work while moving a barrel of beer; although it landed on my toes, I was lucky. Nothing broke and although my big toe is still bruised I emerged relatively unscathed. Unfortunately, I had a another, much worse incident last Wednesday, and I wasn't as lucky.

While putting kegs away, one slipped out of my hands and dropped square on the ridge of my left foot, instantly breaking it in several places. The pain of 150+ pounds dropping from 4 feet on a sensitive area of my foot made me cry like within an instant. Needless to say, I did NOT finish out my shift that night.

Instead I went directly home, in the process calling Ty to come over, but when I got home I passed out from the pain. The next morning I felt awful from the pain, but a very close second was realizing that Ty had stopped by and I missed 8 of his calls. I was worried he would never call me again.

But he did and came over the next night, the next two in a row (he's a sweetheart). Whew. My bigger worry is that I am going to be out of action, work wise for about 6 weeks or so. My boss and the owner of the place of employment assure me I qualify for workman's comp, but only for my hourly wages (not tips).

Money issues aside, I worry how I will deal with being physically incapacitated for a long, long time. Thank God I have a hot guy to keep me company, but, still, I am already so fucking bored watching television and movies or reading for hours at a time. I want to get out and about, not to mention actually work. Or be in terrible pain.

Fuck. Me. I know I'll get through this, and my friends and family have been great, but, ugh, Ugh, UGH! Not ideal to say the least. But I reckon this could be a blessing in disguise, in that it will provide me time to re-consider certain things, mostly my employment horizons, not to mention certain creative endeavors.

PS - I'm not taking anymore of the pills I was issued, they make me sick.


Hetero-Challenged said...

it's nice to know you're keeping positive after a horrible experience.

drew said...

Did you break anything in your foot? You didn't mention seeing a DR. If you are not sure I would see one just to be sure. It's great you have your have your friend!! You are young and it will heal pretty quickly. Good luck with it!

detroit bob said...

As a former restaurant employee who had the exact injury some years ago please do not rush recivery and do exactly what your doctor tells you to do...also, wear sensible shoes with good support and steel cap or similar material and consider getting custom shoe bed inserts for added support. Trust me, if you rush things you risk problems in later life. Not trying to be alarmist but I have had major issues---just be very careful.

Anonymous said...


Hope you heal quickly and good luck with the pain.
You did go to a doctor or the ER and have X-rays and treatment didn't you? There are 26 bones in your foot. It's an important limb.

If not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars and go now!

On the bright side...2012 can only get better from here.


Zachary said...

That really sucks man, but things do happen for a reason, and it seems you've already committed to using the time to do something productive. By the way, I love reading your blog. It's fun to hear about your adventures. Maybe with some time off you can post more!

JUSTIN said...

Hey All,

Quick update, I have multiple factures in my foot, including a broken toe. SUCKS. It's still in a temporary soft cast/wrap thing because I am waiting to get approval from the worker's comp people about getting further treatment. What really sucks it that I have left my apartment twice in over a week (both time for doctor's appointments) and these walls are closing in! Thank God I have a nice guy to keep me company.

drew said...

You DESERVE good company. That is a pretty bad situation. We all would come and spell your nice guy if you needed it!!

Anonymous said...

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