Thursday, September 22, 2011

MY CURRENT IMAGINARY BOYFRIEND Aaron Paul. He plays a character on my favorite show which is "Breaking Bad". Yes, he has a HUGE forehead, but something about those eyes. Anyways, there is a plot line wherein his girlfriend dies (tragically, but I don't want to spoil the details) and he keeps calling her cell phone (at least 50 times), knowing she is dead, but wants to hear her voice mail message just to hear her voice.'s disconnected.

I've never loved someone that much, and I know it's fictional television...BUT, I have had that moment, when someone you FUCKING love/LIKE won't or can't answer their phone but the simple sound of their pre-recorded voice, is so just...reassuring. Perhaps even comforting. And even makes you believe again in how awesome life can be. How people can affect one another.

Enough with the sappy stuff...can we agree that he is HOT?!


Mind Of Mine said...

Dya know once, I worked for Vodafone and a mother who lost her son would ring up every know and then, just to to hear the VM.

She was shocked one day, when someone answered and said 'hello:, So much that she fainted.

I always remember that story.

Anonymous said...

Did you catch him on Fresh Air this week? Great interview.

ex-roomie said...

dude, his forehead is freaky. Write something else so when I check your posts I don't have to see him again!


JUSTIN said...

Thank you for the link!