Thursday, October 6, 2011


A few weeks ago I met a GREAT guy, attractive, successful, smart, etc. Keep in mind we only have hung out twice. The first time was at the bar I work at, and the female co-worker's were impressed. The second time was at my place and it quickly devolved into a pants off party. It's safe to safe to say we were hot for each other.

Then he had to fly to England. Which is his homeland; actually Canada is too, and also Trinidad. Anyways, soon after we had an amazing night together, he had to go home, i.e., fly to England. He texted before he left, before he returned, etc, all of which is good. Flattering even.

Problem is? He came home early, and I'll see him plenty...but he is moving back to England Jan 1. Fuck me with a shovel sideways. I tend to fall in love quickly, and I will see him as much as I can before he goes...and perhaps I'll have a place to crash on London, should I ever return. sucks.


Anonymous said...


You have two months and 25 days to induldge in this relationship which sounds tres hip!

Don't catastrophize and boo hoo it's not going anywhere. And that sideways shovel shit has to go.
Take it day for day. Enjoy. Have a great autumn, holiday, new years. Fall in love.


S said...

Falling in love after one night? I think you got your head and your head mixed up :P

The Honourable Husband said...

It's a little early in the game to strat thinking about this, but in England, you can marry him and live there.

JUSTIN said...

Whoa, let's pump the breaks here folks. Perhaps my prose got the best of me. I just really like this guy.

Anonymous said...

I ended up falling in love with a guy from the UK, and after a year of long-distance, moved from IL to the UK. 10 years later... still here! Not an impossibility, and shouldn't stop you from seeing the guy if you like him!

Anonymous said...

live in the moment, not the future.
hard to do at your age maybe, but try.