Tuesday, July 5, 2011


This year I celebrated the holiday in a most American way, I worked...all fucking weekend. At first I was pissed about it, and wanted to do nothing more than chill at a friend's BBQ and get ripped on beer and whiskey. But in retrospect, I am glad I avoided the crazy shit going in the streets, parks and backyards of Chicago.

It wasn't a total loss of a weekend though. I cleaned the hell out of my apartment, but more importantly, went on a third date with a special guy that I really like! Actually, it was more of a "let's hang at my place and take each other's pants off" kind of thing, but a date nonetheless, or rather...of sorts. Still, it rocked.

The giant fireworks display so integral to his holiday wasn't part of my agenda, although I did blow off some roman candles with Chef in the alley behind the bar. That was fun. No one lost any fingers or eyes, we all had a few drinks (actually more than a few) and everyone got home safely. I consider that a solid and successful holiday.

Hope yours was too.


Mind Of Mine said...

Isn't capitalism the real spirit of Independence Day!

Patrick said...

Justin, are you going to see DBT tonight? I'm pretty sure they're playing in your area.

JUSTIN said...

No DBT tonight...they are playing a fest on the far south side with the Dave Matthews festival. I'd rather just see them, and in an indoor venue.

Z said...

Just starting reading your blog Justin. Funny and insightful- a nice combo. Keep up the good work.