Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Tonight I went to see the Mud Queens in action; this is a monthly-ish eveny in which many of my co-workers are involved. It was fun, to say the least. The ref, whose main job was to make sure the girls didn't fall off the stage, is actually my boss. To see him covered in mud was hilarious many times over.

These women were serious as a heart attack too. But after the 1 minute rounds were over, they displayed admirable sportsmanship, and picked one another up. And they threw lots of mud at us spectators - my jacket is coated in whatever special mixture of mud they perfected. I'm glad I wore my crappy pair of Adidas shoes.

One of the female servers I work with won the first round; I was cheering my heart out. Before she went on stage she admitted to me she was in a good mood, and needed someone to piss her off. Being a good HOMO, I made fun of of her shoes and that seemed to do the trick - she WON!

Overall it was a good, and more importantly necessary night out. It's not often that I can "work" a room full of various people I know, all of which are variously connected to the bar I work at. And that's not bragging, but rather a fairly new social circle I guess I now travel within. So...yeah!


The Honourable Husband said...

One of life's sweet moments, eh?

Mind Of Mine said...

Where you even in the slightest bit turned on? ;)

Dean Grey said...

This looks hilarious!

But wait, it appears they're wearing white bodysuits of some kind to protect them from getting dirty.

Some appear to be "fighting" in their everyday clothes too.

I thought mud wrestling was done in skimpy bikinis!


JUSTIN said...

Those are costumes, of sorts, and there aren't white, it's the mud.