Friday, April 1, 2011


First conversation we had was today

ME: (Looking down the stairs): "Hi, I'm Justin!"
HER:" I know, you played the Black Keys really loud on Sunday night".
ME: "Yes, sorry, I didn't know you moved in...that place has been vacant for over a year".
HERE: "..."
ME:"OK, then..."

This new neighbor proceeded to mobilize the singular washer'dryer for the last 48 hours. I did not complain but I did remove her shit when she didn't and I need clean clothes for the weekend, specifically for work.

And then tonight, she had the balls to complain about my music again. BITCH. PLEASE. I don't want to start a war, but let's just say I feel a bit of entitlement living here as long as I have, and if she did not relize how thin these walls our..well, I shall teach her.


Steven said...

This may be your best blog title!

Jackdaw said...

There's one thing worse than fighting with new neighbours, and that's fighting with neighbours that you have a good relationship with to begin with. In the latter case they feel they know you and it becomes personal. In that case their ultimate solution is that YOU move out.

In your case, you're basically anonymous to them apart from that fact that they know your face -- and apparently also your taste in music. ;) They will not make it something personal and will tend to see THEMSELVES moving out as the ultimate solution.

Not getting to know them is the key!

Make sure you have good and loud sex. Good for you, loud for your neighbours: few things are as annoying as that. But make sure it doesn't bother the other neighbours; you don't want them to team up against you. But from your post I infer that there are no other neighbour who can hear you, basically...

Dean Grey said...


Even though the new tenant sounds a bit rude, I suggest you try and take the high road if possible.

Don't be a dick to her just because you can.

Kill her with kindness....not loud music!


ex-roomie said...

Apartment living, lady! Deal with it. All my neighbors do something annoyingly loud and I'm sure I do too.

Mind Of Mine said...

C to the unt!

We have a problem neighbour too! We have had full on arguments in the street, she complains about everything.

If I were a gay woman, we'd still be in the same fix we are in now said...

I say next time you run across her in the hallway, throw trip her up and teabag her in the face.

Or better yet, leave a moldy rotting Xmas tree in front of her door.