Thursday, February 10, 2011


This morning I was reading yesterday's Tribune while laying in bed; the front page headline was "Winter Blues" with dramatic type-face and several graphics. The article went on to point out the "one-two" of last week's blizzard and this week's sub-arctic temperatures. Why this is news worthy is beyond me. I could have written that article with my iPhone while waiting for the fucking Western #49 bus.

Anyways, I have noticed friends and co-workers submitting to this very real phenomenon (myself included).Having said that, I've been trying to fight it my being creative in a way that only a 12 year old can be. Case in point, I was drinking a beer with a co-worker after my shift ended and we kept calling the bar's land line, watching a random person scramble to answer it, only to hang up on them. Not mature behavior but fucking hilarious (you had to be there).

My point is, to battle the regular expected depression that is endemic this time of year, DO FUCKING SOMETHING. Even if it's a stupid idea of fun, or attending a political fund-raiser (this Sunday) or putting your balls in a stranger's mouth. DO SOMETHING. Invent your reality. That's my Dr. Phil-ish advice. Take it, leave it, piss on it or set it on fire. Or all the above.


Dean Grey said...


But isn't "doing something" just a distraction to what's still there?

True depression doesn't just go away with the flick of a switch.

But yes, keeping busy is sometimes the best medicine.


the new thirtysomething said...

I'm setting it on fire. See, I'm doing something - I'm setting your words ablaze with my MIND. 0_o

Stephen Chapman... said...

A friend of mine gets low at this time of year. He makes sure that he goes out and gets fresh air and natural light as much as possible. Works for him.

Mind Of Mine said...

Hey Justin.

I received your email but my Gmail account which handles the email address is being a bit of a dickhead lately.

I appreciate it very much.


The phone story is fucking hilarious. Somtimes doing anything is enough of a distraction to keep you content until the next opportunity to do 'something' comes along.