Wednesday, January 26, 2011


After I'm done with my court mandated "alcohol awareness" classes, I really want to get me some new education. So far I'm deciding between being certified as a bartender, a food service sanitation expert or an auto mechanic. I've favoring the latter; I really miss working with my hands, and although I won't be allowed to drive a car for some time, I think fixing them would suit me well.

Fuck getting an MBA; I don't lack ambition, but I am ambivalent towards the business world (again, ironic since I subscribe to BusinessWeek and always read the business section of any newspaper first). I don't regret my existing bachelors degree in Film/Video production, but I almost wish I went and got trained as plumber, or something union oriented.

Le sigh. One thing is for sure, I don't want to be a fucking Bar Back for much longer. The hours suck, I lack any health benefits, and my back is always in pain. I want more out life than this. That being said, I am glad I have at least this shitty job...going in tonight! But this isn't sustainable. Then again, neither is being tied to a desk job.


Dean Grey said...

It never hurts to learn new skills as a back-up.

Something to fall back on, you know?

But with that said, I KNOW you still have a passion for film deep down inside. It would be nice to see you do something with that.

Perhaps I'm biased though, being an artist and all.

I will support you whatever you decide, Justin!


Cockbag LLC said...

MBA's are overrated trust me. Definitely chase your dreams. Union apprenticeship is a good way to go.

Anonymous said...


Congrats on plowing forward through life. Auto mechanic sounds cool. Remember your blogging about cars often.

You're bloody smart. Any chance of finding an entry position at the CME? You could parlay your love of business into a career and a fortune.


ps remember...when dreaming, always dream big!

Jamie said...

Hmmm... how about a bareback? or Bear back? How about you change your city all together. I hear New York is really fun and I think your father lives near-by.

The New Me said...

you know more than one mechanic as opened his own shop therein fulfilling his wish to not only be his own boss/businessman, but also do what he loves. I'm just sayin'

GFunkDave said...

How about something like a physician's assistant? You'd do kind of doctor-lite stuff. All working with your hands and helping people.

Or learn a trade...everyone will always need plumbers and electricians.

Jnk Nswt said...

I'm sure you've thought of this, but if you're really trying to stop drinking, working in a bar is probably a bad idea, at least for your first year or two of sobriety.

So go with the mechanic job, I'd say. Or whatever comes your way that's even better.