Monday, January 24, 2011


*Perfunctory blog post alert*

I really feel like my life is getting better; a series of small, yet important victories has led me to believe that I am capable of change and more importantly that I'm not a total fucking asshole/fuck-up. I got ways to go, but I think I'm on the right path.

Although I'm not totally sober (I've had some drinks here and there, and there) I am proud to say I have not ingested a single controlled substance, and I've got my drinking in check. It hasn't been easy, but feeling healthy-ish has been it's own unique award.

Too bad it's so damn cold out here in Chicago; it keeps me from going to the gym as frequently as I would like, and I keep picking up more and more shifts at work (which is it's own work out). And obviously I'm walking EVERYWHERE not by choice, but that's OK.

Overall, I guess my life is a precarious balance between being boring and responsible, hence this ho-hum blog post. But it's better than posting about how I got smashed and woke up next to someone I don't recognize, right?

Hope you all are doing well. Let's agree to not make 2011 suck, cool?


Steven said...

Agreed...Btw I haven't seen allot of photo posts lately, just sayin'

The Honourable Husband said...

A post like this is a pleasure to read. The most important victories are the small ones. Keep it up.


An amusing irony: the word verification for this comment is "cop hyper".

JUSTIN said...

@Steven: my brother borrowed my camera for his South African honeymoon, and has yet to return it. Seeing as I destroyed his car, I can't really bitch much, ya know?

Dean Grey said...

Keep moving forward, Justin!


Steven said...

@Justin Gotcha....