Sunday, January 16, 2011


I feel not the need to ruminate on this subject matter, and so I won't. But I will share what I think is not only a beautiful piece of film making, and/or amazing song but most of all, a sentiment that has been echoing within my mind as of late. And somehow it's been expressed within 5 minutes better than I can at this moment in time.

My thoughts drift to you. I was smoking while thinking about that lyric; and a thought occurred to me that never has before: the act of and/or being in "love"...makes life slow down, in a good way. I'm not saying I am in love, nor have been (maybe? yes!).

It's such an irresponsibly beautiful concept.


dan said...

great tune! hope all is going well as can be, justin. hang in there!
later, dan

Dean Grey said...


I only experience time slowing down when my watch needs a new battery!

*disappointed sigh*