Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I keep a large "in-box" of sorts, an object that collects my various forms of bullshit (bills, snapshots, etc) that I don't want to deal with. In the past I've been a champ at keeping it current, and throwing out old shit. Not so much as of late.

So, since it was so insanely cold on Monday I shifted through it and made a serious discovery; I cracked some sort of AWESOME GAY DNA, or more specifically, I think I provided a blueprint for my "perfect" man.

First off, here's a picture of my Gay Trifecta, which is located just left of where I'm typing these words. It's a welcome reminder, and all of which were buried along with Comcast bills and such. For whatever reason I decided to hang them up.


I've gone on record before as being an Ass-Man, in that I love me some Man Booty. I also have a thing about back muscles. That shit is hot as hell. And I'm a sucker for guys in tight jeans, so this image largely incorporates all these elements. Thank you, to the Marketing Department at Levi's.


This might trump the importance of having a fantastic ass/body; I'm clearly no fashion whore, but a little bit goes a long way, and dudes that overdress themselves un-attract me. Less is more is my overall fashion atheistic (see above). That being said, I desire a least some semblance of of substance.

This guy here makes me sigh. Really. A former Cubs fan that now embraces the Sox, his smile is just so fucking cute. I need a down to earth/salt of the earth type, so let's add a pinch this of this hotness into my Gay equation. Toothy grins? Major fucking plus.


Will I ever discover such a perfect amalgamation of hotness? Not likely. But I'm slowly finding out what I want/attracted to, and I think that's progress. If it's not entirely obvious, I'm once again single and wandering amongst the wilderness of romantic-ness. A boy can dream, right? Where is this "man"?


Cockbag LLC said...

I love the traitor too! He is all-American, boy next door, low maintenance hotness!

Anonymous said...

LOL. Way to go. I enjoy reading your blog. It gets better.

drew said...

Justin, If I read correctly you and your boyfriend have split? I was just reading about him in an earlier post. Sorry if that is the case. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

BosGuy said...

Keep the handsome photos coming.