Thursday, December 9, 2010


Last night I went out front of the bar for a smoke, and to stretch my Bar Back; little did I know that I was being watched by my DUDE on a security camera. Seriously.

His place of business is literally next door, and they have security cameras. So he watched me smoke, stretch and talk to myself. And he still likes me.

How cute.

When he was done with his business, he came over and I marveled at his ability to change the mood in the bar. I know it sounds like I'm being a teenage Queen, but whatever. I pretended to yell at him for non-existent issues...we had fun. And I got drunk. And made serious $!

PS-Making out on the clock is doubly satisfying.

PPS-I'm working, last minute, tonight and letting my Bro and his Wife borrow my camera equipment for their Honeymoon/African Safari. I wish I was going to Botswana for 3 weeks, but whatever.


Anonymous said...

I never loan out my camera equipment...anymore! I learned that the hard way.

Anonymous said...

Caro Justino,

Glad Montrose gets a cool vacay!
Sorry I'm going to miss those classic Chicago Boxing Day photos.