Monday, October 11, 2010

MY NEW IMAGINARY BOYFRIEND... named Buster Posey. He's the current catcher for the San Francisco Giants. And he's all kinds of not only awesome, but also hotness. Move over Grady Sizemore, you just got dumped out from my sexual fantasy universe.

Um, I mean, that is some quality, grade AAA+ ass. I'm pulling for the Giants this post season. Not only because of my pretend BF, but I think they have a legitimate chance. Oh, and Tim Lincecum is my favorite pitcher. The "Freak" is so fun to watch! GO GIANTS!


Chris said...

damn justin, you can sure pick 'em.

Stephen Chapman... said...

Fine choice

Patrick said...

I just saw this today. I hate this bastard. He killed the Phillies in the NLCS last year (the Freak did too) and I'll never forgive them. I don't care how hot they are.