Friday, October 8, 2010


Today I did not one, but two things I haven't done since May; I not only went to the gym but I rode my bike there and back (3 if you count the near miss-see below)! There are several reasons I have not either, and here are a few:

-World Cup (working almost 30 consecutive days)
-The bat-shit insane heat this Summer
-A general sense of overall malaise

This week, and the few prior have been beating me up, and when I awoke this morning I was not feeling like doing anything other than parking my ass in front of the TV, reading a book and/or increasing the shareholder value of those that own stock in Pabst Blue Ribbon; instead, I made breakfast, took a shower and got dressed.

This is not ordinary behavior for someone who usually comes home from work at the ass-crack of dawn, and I was shocked that I did accomplished all 3 of these seemingly simple tasks before Noon. Then I paused...

...and that little voice in the back of head, the one I usually tell to "SHUT THE FUCK UP I'M TIRED" reared it's pretty little head, and said "hey, you dumb lazy fuck, get on your bike and go to the gym". Instead of ignoring it, I succumbed. Plus, it was a gorgeous autumn day...

In years past, when I've fallen off the workout "wagon" it's taken a long time to get the momentum back, and although I took it easy, and I'm sore as hell, I feel great, both mentally and physically. Really. It's amazing how even a modicum of exercise elevates my mood.

Side note: I almost got T-Boned by another biker in an alley. Dude was going too fast, did not see me, and almost slammed me head first into a telephone pole. Although I braked/served in time, I thanked God I was wearing my helmet...because I really don't need a third fucking concussion.

Tomorrow, back at it!

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Dean Grey said...

Good for you, Justin!


P.S.: The weather in Chicago was terrible today! Full sun and unusually warm for this time of year.