Friday, October 1, 2010


The promotion I was given, got took back, in the space of 12 hours. Being a Bar back is far from a glamorous job, but I'm good at hacking away at it, and if I sometimes get beer sprayed in my face, so be it. So it was a very awesome elevation, to be told I would be a server...and then...NO.

Fuck. To add insult to injury, I worked tonight, on my night off, at the last moment (I was asked asked 12 hours prior) to cover a shift, which I dutifully did, and grinded my teeth serving Lincoln Park yuppies, up and down stairs all night...all the while a thin blonde girl was being trained for the server shift I was promised.

That's some bullshit right there, and although I did what was asked of me, I was vocal, and let it be known about my frustration...and then...I was tasked with doing inventory, counting every...fucking...bottle...of booze in the joint. This was not fun.

Oh, and I had a date, which I had to cancel on. Post work I went to the only bar in Boystown I am willing to step foot in, but no one, and I mean NO ONE would give me the time of day, which makes sense because I smelled like beer (but not in a fun/drunk way) and was literally wearing my clothes on my back (via a backpack).

CHRIST. Can a get a fucking break?


Mind Of Mine said...

That blows!

Did they give you a reason?

Anonymous said...

Justin, darling: RESILIENCE!

Next time a big position becomes available your manager will think "Hey, Justin's been working like beast even when he's not supposed to, he's amazing at what he does, and he was passed up for the last promotion, so maybe it's time we give the guy a break." And BOOM, you're bumped up to assistant manager or whatever and you'll get to boss all those mofos around.

Plus, you're bringing the cash home like a DIVA. Silver lining!

Haven't commented in a while but I still read your blog religiously! Can't get enough of it.

Hope you're well!

x's and o's,

A-Gay in Chi

JUSTIN said...

@Mind: yes, just not a good reason.

Brian said...

Its a sign. Get out of the service industry. The hours suck and, if you don't own the place, its a dead end. Has to happen sooner or later.

And let me guess, Sidetrack? It at least has the advantage of size, if not quality!

Dean Grey said...

It's time to find a new place to work, Justin!

You're under appreciated there and can do soooo much better!


BosGuy said...

Sorry to read about that. I agree w/ Brian that the service industry is a lousy place to work; terrible hours, terrible pay (for the most part) and mostly a dead end.

However, not everyone can just up and leave a job these days so I wish you luck and sorry to read about the almost-promotion.


Jnk Nswt said...

That stinks. I assume you're jobhunting, at least in theory.