Thursday, October 14, 2010


Shit, this happened fast, and I'm resisting labeling this guy as my "boyfriend", mostly out of fear it will all turn to shit. But it's true, I'm falling, hard and fast. "Sal", as i will refer to him here, is a waiter at the restaurant next to the bar I work at. He's been coming in for months, and admitted he's been crushing on me for 6 months [awwww].

It's kinda perfect; he's done with work, comes by, we try not to lock eyes (that much) even though everyone is aware of the situation, speaking of, my manager is dating his manager, so there's that. Did I mention he's tall, black and has dreads? And that's he's hot as hell? He is. So there. Not trying to brag, just figuring this shit out.

I have a hard and fast rule, in that I like to keep a clear separation between work and my personal life, but the more I am ingrained in working at this job, the more blurry it gets, and this, I suppose, is a case in point. It's a positive thing, awesome in fact, but I have to draw a line somewhere.

That being said, it's pretty nice going home at the end of the night with an attractive guy that refuses not to get me off. So there's THAT. Oh, and he lives around the corner from where my Bro and his wife lives. I was standing in the rain, waiting for the bus, texting my my bro, when I heard "JUSTIN! JUSTIN!". It was she. How apt.

Explaining my walk of shame is easier to someone whom I am now officially related to.

PS - As I was putting my pants on, his friend, this smoking hot guy, opened the bedroom door, and damn, just....damn. The thoughts going through my head right now will be mostly kept to myself, for obvious reasons.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Justin and Justin's BF.

Anonymous said...

Good for you! have fun.
and you can always tell us your dirty thought lol

jason said...

ooo....good luck!