Thursday, July 22, 2010


FOR weeks now I've been planning a proper Viking Funeral for my beloved Adidas Supermods; these currently out of production sneakers have done so much more for me than I ever could have expected. But it was time they go, and I wanted to send them off right.

So I did the only slightly reasonable thing I know how to do: my friend and I took them to the back alley behind my place, doused them with butane, and they those fuckers BURN.

However, these shoes are apparently indestructible! We let them burn for a few minutes before a car was coming down the ally (also I seem to remember a Police passing on a nearby street) so we had to stomp them out.

Now I plan on framing them as a "monument" of sorts. Maybe Neal can help me mount them within a Lucite box; it's cheesy but these shoes mark a significant chapter in my life, and I'm very reluctant to let them go. Likewise, I'm sure.


Mind Of Mine said...

Epic shoeburning fail!


Dean Grey said...


The shoelaces must've at least burned, right?!


Aaron said...

what the above said. LOL!