Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Someone asked me last night, if when engaging in "adult relations" would I pump the brakes if bad music was on. And without thinking I immediately responded "FUCK YES". It's happened before; I'm not so romantic that I try to set the mood with music, but I'll back that train up for a second if R.E.M. is on the stereo. I can't get down with that shit.

The person that asked me disagreed, but really, isn't life too short to listen to shitty music while getting your fuck on? I think so. Deep thoughts, I know (Jack Handy would be proud). Besides, I like the ambient "music" that a man makes when I do certain things to him. They ain't playing that shit on the radio.

On that note, I was once asked what is the nest music to get down to, and I have a perfect suggestion. The collaboration between Dan The Automator and Mike Patton, known as Lovage. Such tracks as "Book of the Month" ("you are the griddle I am the meat", "turn you on like the electric company", "use you like Listerine", etc), or "Stroker Ace" ("stroke that, it's the antidote, stroking it's what it's all about...").

That's the shit right there. And I plan on using it tomorrow night. Son.


JP said...

Note to self: make a playlist for my visit to Chicago without REM on it.

Dean Grey said...

Try listening to stuff by Tyrone Davis.

His voice is so smooth and sexy!


jason said...

Yeah, nothing is a boner killer like REM.
You're right about that.