Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Wow, so, I made it through World Cup and I have the scars and bruises to prove it. That shit was fucking hard. There were days when I closed the bar at 2AM, got home at 3AM, and had to turn around to be back at 8AM. Some days, 6AM (damn time zones!).

I'm still undecided on how serious Americans are about Soccer (yeah, that's what I call it). Mostly ex-pats were most into it, and they were cool, even if they drink Carlsburg and tip for shit. That game the Germany lost to Spain compelled a group of Germans to ring up $450 in Jager bombs. Predictably they ended up vomitng all over the bathroom. I did not, nor would I clean THAT bullshit up.

After all this I thought I would have gained an appreciation for the "beautiful game". Not so. In fact, if anything it makes me yearn for baseball, and in a strange inverse way, American Football, like NFL. Proper, son. Never been a big fan but I think come this fall I shall be.

Oh, and I'm giving my Adidas/Work Shoes a proper Viking Funeral; they will be doused with lighter fluid and burned to the MOTHERFUCKING ground. Watch for those pictures...soon.


Dean Grey said...


What's the reason for burning your work shoes? Don't you still need them?

Good to see you posting again!


JUSTIN said...

Mostly out of spite; plus they are so busted out that my toes can stick out. Also, I moved on and bought a replacement pair.