Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I don't normally comment on "social" ills, nor ecological disasters; usually I pace my blogging to simple things like getting my dick sucked or whatever. And although the spilling of millions of crude oil in the Gulf of Mexico is disheartening, what breaks my heart even more is the fact that 11 men lost their lives in the worst possible FUCKING way possible, and that fact is lost in translation.

Not only did 11 men died...but consider that 11 families also are likely incomprehensibly stricken with grief. These guys, roughnecks, if you will, and perhaps that's a derogatory term, but I term them as a form of respect; I don't agree with what they do, but I respect the FUCK out of it, and I think they deserve to be honored.

To the people that actually are directly affected, I can't do much besides this, by which I mean keep you all in my thoughts; the situation is beyond a disaster. And it's a test of how Obama will deal with this shit. I don't mean this to be a anti-oil creed, far from it, I'm guilty as the next American.

That being said...the human toll, I think, is far greater than the crude oil washing up the shore of Southern America. Pelicans are cool and all...but fucking Christ, we are destroying our world, and the pace of which seems to be picking up.

R.I.P. Guys just trying to make a living.



jason said...


It's just absolutely depressing, especially down here.

Dean Grey said...

It's one BIG mess!