Tuesday, March 16, 2010


"I don't want to watch Cribs, I hate that fucking show"
-Boyfriend of the woman running the liquor store

That show is still on the air? Seriously? I would have thought in this period of austerity that MTV would no longer be producing this most gluttonous of entertainment. Now, don't get me wrong, if you work hard you have every right to do whatever it is you want with your money. But, I reserve the right to get pissed of when the shitty bass player from Good Charlotte lives in a mansion and has 3 Ferrari's and a Rolls Royce. I mean, really. And the fact the these rich and "famous" people are willing to invite a camera crew to their house to show off - it smacks of poor taste.

And just when you thought it couldn't or wouldn't get ANY worse, MTV outdoes itself. Ever seen Teen Cribs? I nearly put my foot through the TV when I first saw that show. "Oh, that's my 2009 Audi S4 rolling on 22 inch mudered out dubs. Oh what's that? I get my learner's permit in 18 months." Ugh. That's awesome that Mommy and Daddy can afford to buy a fucking stable of ponies, but don't throw it in my face "Kyra".

Speaking of the parents, I love the floating picture in picture box, in which they explain they needed to $15 million mansion "to keep the family" together. Do they realize they are probably tearing apart the lives of other families? Don't some of these go home and ask their parents, "why don't I have have my own indoor basketball court and a on-call trainer?" Shit, I would.

All that being said, there are moments of sheer AWESOMENESS. Case in point: the Redman episode.


Steven said...

This is going to really sound gay, but doesn't it seem like how the house is decorated doesn't seem to "fit" who's Crib it belongs to? I feel like my "Crib" fits who I am, is an extension of me, no matter how rich or poor I am.

Ha, I think I answered my own question.

BTW have you ever seen the episode with Seann William Scott(Stiffler from American Pie? They visit the apartmen in LA. The place is a dump, it was awesome.

Aaron said...

I am glad you think that way, Justin because honestly, I am thinking exactly the same thing as you do. That show does nothing good or contribute anything to our knowledge or society at all.

C said...

I fucking hate Cribs as well, but here was something magical about the Mariah Carey episode where she flippantly said about her guest room, "this is where my fans can stay when they come to visit NYC". Queue 3 Spanish fans on her doorstep a few months later expecting to stay in her apartment.

JUSTIN said...

@Steven: Oh for sure...all of those fancy homes are interior designed to death. And reflects the lack of personality of it's inhabitants.

@Aaron: And it makes Americans look tacky.

@C: I hate that woman.

dan said...

Justin, I hate all those shows. IT is indeed poor taste and disgustingly braggart. Much less the whole world watched this crap. Ditto for stupid rich married women bitching back and forth in NY, New Jersey, or Atlanta. and the my sweet sixteen parties etc etc.. Too bad upper class couldn't sort of keep it to them selves, however when making more money was involved by shoving it it our faces on reality tv, well I guess greed just kicks in... nice post. Domo Arigato