Wednesday, March 17, 2010


This morning my Roomie was running around and freaking out because the washing machine in our building was "broken". It was actually just a minor snafu (I love that word) because she leaves for Osaka in the morning and didn't want to fly across the Pacific Ocean commando. Since she was already late for work, I fixed the machine and did her laundry for her.

This is the weird part; while waiting for her underwear to dry I turned on the TV, and guess what came on? The episode of No Reservations where Anthony Bourdain visits Osaka! In said episode he takes in a Osaka (or is it Hanshin?) Tigers baseball game. Oh my, I just gained yet another goal in life, which is to attend a proper Japanese baseball game.

So in return for doing the most menial of chores, I asked for at least a t-shirt to rock for my new found favorite Japanese baseball team. But what I really want is pictured below, which is a fitted New Era 59Fifty Tigers cap from sporting the 1959 logo. That shit is motherfucking TIGHT...but according the currency converter I used, it costs $70. Darn!
I am so, So, SO jealous of my Roomie...Osaka seems like such an awesome fucking city to run around and get lit up in. If anyone in that city reads this, consider this a shout out. You got it going on yo!


ex-roomie said...

You never did my laundry when I left for Peru!...but you did take care of my kitties. You are an awesome roomie. Now get over here and drink some of my beer, damnit!

Aaron said...

Can I be your roomie too? :P

Hey, will be in Chicago around the 10th of April - wanna catch up? I'll be there for about a week but will be spending the entire 11th - 18th at a conference.

C said...

I used to live in Osaka, and it is an amazing city - gritty, neon, crazy... it's like what Japan could be if everyone else in the country lightened up a little bit.

I'm there quite a bit still - might be cheaper to pick up a Hanshin Tigers hat there. If you want one, give me a shout!

JUSTIN said...

@Ex-Roomie: Your request is my reward!

@Aaron: Hell yeah man! I'm not going anywhere. I would love to meet for a pint or 6.

@C: Dude, please help me get that hat! I would be eternally grateful.

Dean Grey said...

Awww, that was rather nice of you, Justin!

I'd LOVE to see Japan one day!


C said...

No problem. Don't know when I'm back again - think it might not be until September or October. You set on fitted one? If so, what size? Think I'll be back in Chicago at Xmas too.

jeremy said...

at least you currently have a Detroit Tigers hat, right?

JUSTIN said...

@Jeremy: I got my sick new Blue Jays cap the other day...and yes, still got the Tigers cap!