Wednesday, March 10, 2010


The image below is a proper way to make a workingman's lunch. You're looking at bread from a Vietnamese bakery (3 for $1!), Dry Cracov Sausage from a deli on the far West Side (Thanks Roomie IV!) and spicy mustard from the Dollar Store around the corner.

Although that sausage is delicious, I prefer not to gnaw on intensional casing. Thus illistrated is the after photo of the un-delicate process and ripping that shit off. It makes my fingers super greasy and makes me want to become a vegetarian. Gross.

But it's all worth it in the end. Dinner is served (or will be at some point while at work tonight) for next to nothing. Somehow I have subverted the European trend of eating well, and enjoying it, while also mashing it up with the American style of eating a bunch of crap Super fast. PERFECT!

Don't forget the PBR!


Dean Grey said...


(And yeah, I know that can be interpreted in many ways!)


drew said...

Justin, looks good! I don't think there is anything wrong with a workingman's meal. It built our country and I am wuff you!! I am a sausage man!!

jason said...

amazing...our vietnamese bakery sells the same three loaves for a dollar too.

Ok, so I'm easily amazed.

Chaotic Gemini said...


C said...

I just got a stomach ache looking at that.

Anonymous said...

that actually looks good

JUSTIN said...

It IS good! Cheap, honest and simple.

Cockbag LLC said...

Too much mustard

Dean Grey said...


One more thing, Justin!

If you added lettuce, a couple slices of tomato, and some roasted bell peppers (you can roast them yourself on the burner), you'd have a much more satisfying and healthier sandwich!

Peppers and sausage go GREAT together!

I'm getting myself hungry now!


JUSTIN said...

@Cockbag: I LOVE mustard!

@Dean: That sounds like way too much work.