Tuesday, March 9, 2010


For the last 2-3 years I have annoyed my friends, chattering on about how I wish I could meld my Canon EOS Rebel 35mm camera with my Sony PowerShot; digital SLR cameras are certainly nothing new, but I just couldn't justify spending close to a $1K on one. I still cannot, although I found a work-around.

First, let me just state that although I probably should have been more conservative with my limited funds, I only have a few hobbies, which include writing, shooting pool and photography (one day when I'm rich and famous I'll indulge my inner race car driver). So I've made due with iPhone camera apps, and the results have been...most disappointing.

So now that I'm working again I have been able to quietly put aside some cash in the last month. I've also been cutting every expense I can, for example I'll walk the 1.5 miles to and from my gym to save on fucking bus fare. I roll my own smokes. I only eat at home. I drink PBR. With the end goal being I can buy a new AWESOME camera.

And I fucking did it. I did it.

PS - I named it "Montrose". I'll be wagging my imaginary Golden Retriever tail for the next 7-10 days until it arrives!


Anonymous said...


It's so good to have the old you back. I missed your cheery/spicy profanity-laced random posts :).

I'm glad you were able to get through that rough spot you had and hopefully you're now a better, stronger person because of it.

I'm also loving how frequently you're posting! Loving loving loving it! :)

Keep up the good work!

x's and o's! Your faithful reader,

A-Gay in Chi

Anonymous said...

Woot Woot! Three cheers for Montrose.
Can't wait for the photos!!!


Devyn said...

Congrats Justin!

I look forward to seeing what you snap!

Careful when you diss iPhoneography shots... There are a few friggin amazing apps out there.

JUSTIN said...

I know Devyn...but you can't do panoramic shots of the city at night with an iPhone, ya know? Regardless, you are an inspiration to me. I'll never be as good as Looper was, but perhaps I can shed some light on lesser known places on the North Side.

JUSTIN said...

@A-Gay in Chi: Glad you're keeping up, I got a lot of shit to blog about. Thank you for still reading.

Mind Of Mine said...

That gave me a warm feeling.

I LOVE spending money on things I have craved for ages!!

The New Me said...

New toys are the best!

Dean Grey said...

Hooray Justin!

I'm excited for you....and jealous too!