Monday, January 25, 2010


Back in November I cut my hair, by myself with my ghetto ass clippers; I intended to simply "take a bit off" but half way through the cut, the spring that decides the length of the cut broke. So to match the much shorter/bald patch, I had to even it out. Which resulted in me rocking almost NO hair just when it got bullshit cold. FUCK.

Fast forward to last Thursday. My hair grows super fast and I figured enough time had elapsed when a proper Barber could do something with my head. I actually did some re-con, in the form of flipping through 2 past issues of GQ for inspiration [I should note that I have NEVER taken a picture with me - as to say "make me look like this!"]. The actual (scanned) picture I took with me (below) reveals both my latent narcissism and vanity (it's a 2-FER!).

If only I was 25% as hot as that guy. I've had super short hair since at least the last 10 years. Many times I've simply buzzed my hair off solo, but after I saw this picture, I really wanted something similar...yet just a bit different. Like, instead of buzzing everything with a #1 blade, I was thinking of using a #4 all around, and then using a sharp comb blade thing to give the sides, back and top texture.

But this was lost on the Serbian woman cutting my hair. She did a good job, for real, although not one person has made any mention of it. Damn! Haha. This $15 job looks no different from the $0 version I can do in my bathroom. With one huge difference...anyone else really, really fucking enjoy the hot shaving cream/straight blade shave? I think it's awesome!


Aaron said...

hahahaha! u managed to make a haircut into a very interesting, funny post - that is what i find sexy. lol. im sure u're at least as sexy as the guy in the picture. :)

and with the shaving cream / straight blade - ooooh i always want my hair dresser to do more of that!

Kelly said...

I typically cut my own hair too and use the 4 gaurd all around... last time I used the one guard for shits and giggles... not so pretty with my fat face... i am gonna let it grow back out... way out...hehehe

Cockbag LLC said...

I thought about buzzing my head or letting it grow shaggy but me being one resistant to change stuck with the same haircut I have had forever.

Sure the new cut looks good on you

Dean Grey said...


All you have to do is wear your all-black Cubs hat 24/7.

Problem solved!


Thomas said...

Straight blade shave = murder.

My mind will never change that association.

JUSTIN said...

@Aaron: I wish! I can't grow "sexy" stubble quite like that model can.

@Kelly: From what i can tell you have a lovely face. Love the C'Boy hat too.

@Cockbag: We are creatures of regularity.

@Dean: Ugh - that fucking black Cubs hat. I swear, everytime I am in public with my brother he is wearing it! And I bought it first.

@Thomas: I was nervous the first time I got a straight blade shave, but it's actually...pleasurable.